what happened next

14 Apr

As I opened my eyes, the brightly lit room made me hiss out in pain, like a vampire who just got sprinkled with holy water, when I finally came round and adjusted to the light, there was a woman with fiery orange hair leaning over me flashing me her pearly whites. I took in my surroundings white walls covered in health posters ‘Cover your cough, clean your hands’ ‘Tell the doctor to go away Because you’ve had your 5 a day’ and my favourite ‘a pill a day keeps the baby away’ in a smaller font it reads until you’re ready, this causes me to double over laughing and the woman, in a nurses uniform, to give me a weird look.

I look up into her confused yet waiting eyes “you must be the nurse and I must be in the nurses office, why am I here?” I said, now I presume I’m mirroring her once confused and waiting eyes, “well dearie the names nurse salitta, but please call me sally, umm… oh yes why you’re here, in a nutshell you walked in to a door and the shock of it made you pass out” she laughed nervously and I’m guessing she noticed the embarrassed look on my face as she stopped “it’s quite alright no one saw you dear” she reassured but once again a found myself with a confused look “well then how did I get here?” I questioned her

“oh he said he was your brother”                                                                                                                                                        “oh ok” been here two seconds and my brother is already saving me, a slight silence took over the room until nurse salit- I mean sally cleared her throat, ”well you’re fine to go or if you want you could stay till lunch but there’re two periods left ” “I think I’ll go look for the head I still haven’t got my timetable umm… thank you” I told her as I shifted to my feet and grabbed my things. ”bye” I just replied with a wave of my hand to let her know that I had heard her.

I reached the principal’s office in one piece, thankfully. I rose my hand to knock the door but as soon as my hand drew back preparing to make contact with the door it flew open revealing a man with piercing blue eyes, a jaw line of perfection, his dark brown curls was put in a loose bun, he was wearing a short black trench coat so I guess he was leaving, Just as I was moving to let him past “ah you must be one of our new students, Sydney Smith?  I nodded so he smiled and made his way back towards the large desk “I believe I had the pleasure of meeting your brothers earlier, they informed me that you would be coming in later, so don’t worry about your attendance record, it’s handled” at this point he was ushering me over I hadn’t even realised I was rooted in the same spot, embarrassed I made my way over and took a seat opposite him “ so if you don’t mind me asking what’s your job at this school” I said while messing with the hem of my band shirt, I looked up to see a confused look on his face, then with the blink of an eye it was replaced with an amused one, he pointed in a circular motion around his office then he said the last thing I expected to hear from him “I’m the principal”.

My mouth dropped open in an unlady like fashion; “it makes me feel so proud of myself when I get that reaction” he said then giving himself a self-praising smile, he looks like he’s in his late twenties as if reading my mind in a serious yet proud voice he spoke again “ oh I see why you wouldn’t think I’m the principal, it’s my young age isn’t it? Well it’s because I got to skip a couple of grades” he glanced over my astonished face and as if spelling it out “I’m smart” he said but not trying to sound cocky, then slowly that self-praising smile sketched its way back on to his face and lingered for a while as he searched his draws for my schedule “have a good day miss smith, and welcome to Awaken creek High school (still open for suggestions)” he said as I exited his office, while I was looking over my schedule the only that was floating through my head was my oh my he’s fyne.  


ch 1

14 Apr

CiCi (Sydney)

“SYDNEY SIERRA SMITH GET YOUR BEHIND DOWN THESE STAIRS NOW OR ELSE YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL” my mother screamed up the stairs at me, “oh no” I said while putting on some leggings, a longish band top and some old converse, luckily I showered the night before. Knowing full well that my mother only uses my middle name when she’s really angry at me or I’m late for school and being as we just moved here I shouldn’t test her. After quickly brushing my teeth I ran down the stairs, my curly brunette hair slightly falling in my face “BYE!” I yelled as I grabbed my leather jacket and book bag then ran out the door of our mansion like house towards where we keep our cars I noticed that my brothers cars where gone as well as my dad’s, as soon as I saw my beautiful white and red Audi r8, I jumped in and sped all the way to my new school.

‘Nice’ I thought as I strolled up to the doors of what is now my new school, as I entered the school I noticed it was scanty, as I made my way to the principal’s office I decided that I was going to go send my mother a quick text to tell her that I got to the school ok as soon as I put my head down to reach into my bag I hit something hard, all of a sudden I started seeing stars and then it all went black.